Monday, October 23, 2006

Xiu Xiu. #2

Oh, but I'm miserably predictable. With every nod to Xiu Xiu, in the same breath I mention the patience it's taken me to warm up to their musical stylings. Truth of it is, with each more recent album, I feel won over more quickly and easily. My comfort zone is expanding. And how could it not, in this wash of strangely alluring, intimate sound? The lyrics carry it: "Someone felt something pure and told it all to you."

Xiu Xiu :: The Pineapple Vs. The Watermelon

Making their way back westward on a domestic tour at the moment, Xiu Xiu is, I hope, getting as much love from the crowds as their recently released record deserves. The Air Force (September 2006) is yet one step closer to that threshold of instant appeal for which I've yearned in the past. Buy it. Myspace it. Let it turn that corner of your mouth into a sly smile.

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