Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jennifer Gentle.

Oh, EZArchive, you promise me this and that and new horizons, but your great migration is killing all those files I had planned to link to this week. No matter. This simply means it's time to resort to in-house sharing courtesy the record labels.

If Willoughby is the music of a simple and slightly spiced autumn, consider Jennifer Gentle the frenzied soundtrack of autumn gone wild. This definitely has a crispness to it, but it's more about shock value than anything else. I especially like the air-let-out-of-the-balloon "solo" a couple minutes into this track.

Jennifer Gentle :: I Do Dream You

Visit Marco Fasolo and drummer Alessio Gastaldello (the Italian duo that makes up Jennifer Gentle) at their home on the web, where more songs are up for download. Or visit Jennifer Gentle via the band page at Sub Pop records. The page at Sub Pop features a link to buy Valende (2005), the album from which this track comes, and also features video of "I Do Dream You." Yes, yes: I'm afraid the visuals are just as quirky as one would think based on this song.

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