Friday, September 15, 2006

The Airborne Toxic Event.

Thank goodness for the occasional Wallace Stevens admission. I keep that crazy tagline up there in the corner of this blog to add a little realism to an otherwise trite Blogger template and an otherwise thousandth of thousands of mp3 blogs. But one little gesture toward Wallace has produced more than a few queries. Thankfully one of them comes from friendly Los Angeles-area band The Airborne Toxic Event. Named for a novel by Don DeLillo, The Airborne Toxic Event sounds nothing like heavy weather.

EDIT. Song title correction.

The Airborne Toxic Event :: The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

I hear a lot of Smiths here. Not a bad thing, because what's also here is a good ear for lyrics and wordplay and some earnest, heartfelt singing. Make friends with these guys over at Myspace, where more songs are available for download.