Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ramona Cordova.

Ramona Cordova has me charmed. A little late in fully appreciating his efforts, I confess I never kept up with Elephant 6 matters in any way that would make me seem especially savvy. But The Boy Who Floated Freely? Here is where I start paying attention intently. The record is a study in vocal electricity; and that's just the beginning. In the track below, midway through a layer of flamenco guitar, one realizes just how charged these vocals can get.

Ramona Cordova :: Mixing Potion

Catch up with Ramón Alarcón, a.k.a. Ramona Cordova, at Myspace and find The Boy Who Floated Freely available for purchase at Amazon. More info via ECA Records and Clapping Music. Readers may see this album again (and again) on blogger year-end-best-of lists, and this strikes me as fitting. Why should any of us pushing down these little laptop keys shy away from the stranger, quirkier beauties out there?

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