Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Radio week. #4

The last (for the moment) of the tracks I've been saving for a week dedicated to especially fine live-for-radio and live-in-studio recordings from recent years. This one is yet another performance we owe to the fine folks over at KCRW FM radio, where Broken Social Scene played an acoustic and semi-acoustic set in November 2005. Thanks to Jennings for capturing the track below.

Broken Social Scene :: Superconnected

Thoughtful types on the buses around town and on the interweb have pulled off their headphones in medias res and uttered praises for Broken Social Scene: usually to the effect that You Forgot It In People (2002) is a wonderful piece of work, even better, perhaps, than Broken Social Scene (2005). I like both of these albums. And I especially like the wholly new perspective that this live version of "Superconnected" gives me. It was a song I skipped over in its final, album version on Broken Social Scene. But in this KCRW performance, lyrics are laid bare; Kevin Drew's voice comes its closest to turning me into one of those concentrating, contemplative listeners on the bus. This is intimate: music for headphones, and not at all for tuning sounds out. This is for tuning in.

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